Naesha P.

Tour Guide at Bowie State University

Hometown: Cambridge , MD

Major: Business

Minor: Psychology

Why did you choose your major?

I am a huge fan of math and considering it to be my favorite subject, why not make it into something I can do everyday?

What sets Bowie State University apart from other schools?

The community.

Which building is your favorite and why?

My favorite building is probably the library because that's somewhere I am go and get my work done without being easily distracted.

What attracted you to Bowie State University?

Honestly, being an hbcu in Maryland is what really attracted me to bowie state. And when I came to visit, all the employees as well as students made me feel at home!

I'm passionate about...

i love math as well as going shopping!

I'm involved with...

im currently not involved in any clubs at the moment.
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