Shannel B.

Team Member at Bowie State University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major: Psychology

My Schedule:

Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm
Thursdays 2pm to 4 pm

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Why did you choose your major?

I have a passion for helping people with mental illness since I have siblings suffering from that as well.

What attracted you to Bowie State University?

I loved the way the history, the staff, and the way it made me feel like it was home.

What sets Bowie State University apart from other schools?

Its very energetic, diverse, and determined to make sure student excel inside and outside of the classroom.

Which building is your favorite and why?

My favorite building is the James E. Proctor building because thats where I volunteer and help kids in the juvenile delinquent system.

I'm passionate about...

Volunteering helpingothers Fashion Reading

I'm involved with...

Psych society Bulldog ambassador Mentoring Djs
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