Ariel H.

Team Member at Bowie State University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Atlanta , GA

Major: Child and Adolescent Studies

Minor: Business Management

My Schedule:

Monday: 9am -12:30pm
Tuesday: 12:30am-2:30pm
Wednesday: 9am-12:30pm
Thursday: 12:30am-2:30pm
Friday: 9am-12:30pm
Weekends: 9am-1:30pm

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Why did you choose your major?

I love to help people and I want to improve the future generations.

Which building is your favorite and why?

My favorite building is the Business Building because its so beautiful and I love to see everyone in their professional clothing.

What sets Bowie State University apart from other schools?

Bowie State has a genuine interest in its students, you won't find the type of compassion and love anywhere else.

What attracted you to Bowie State University?

Bowie State's illustrious history and various activities attracted me.

I'm passionate about...

Debate Politics Community Service Music Food/Cooking

I'm involved with...

Bulldog Ambassador Program
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