carline j.

Class of 2018

Hometown: Hyattville, MD

Major: Communications

Concentration: Public Relations

What sets Bowie State University apart from other schools?

What sets Bowie State apart from other schools is that its like a family school, which can be good or bad but in this case good. Your'e able to connect with people instantly and resources are always there for you. NOTHING is handed to you but once you put your networking skills to use, you will see the variety of information surrounding you.

What attracted you to Bowie State University?

The family oriented atmosphere, close to home but not too close .

Why did you choose your major?

I chose this major because it is very broad so I don't have to limit myself to just one career.

Which building is your favorite and why?

My favorite building is my apartment because its my personal sanctuary.

I'm passionate about...

Working Out being involved Helping Others

I'm involved with...

PRSSA Campus Activities Board Kush Models Entertainment