Brittany R.

Class of 2020

Hometown: Laurel, MD

Major: Early Childhood Education/Special Education

What attracted you to Bowie State University?

Bowie State Unversity was always my first choice when picking colleges. Bowie State University was originally a teachers college founded in 1865. Besides my mother and uncle attending this school, I chose this school not only to continue a legacy but because my major is Early Childhood Education/Special Education, therefore, Bowie State would be the perfect school for to further my education as a future educator. I also chose Bowie State because I love the feeling of "home" I get when walking on campus, Bowie is my second home and I could not imagine myself anywhere else.

Why did you choose your major?

I choose my major because of my passion for kids and education. I have been working with kids since I was 12 and I enjoy every second of it. I enjoy teaching people new things and seeing the expression on kids faces when they finally understand something. Kids are like sponges and I want to make an impact on my future student's lives. Lastly, I wanted to become a kindergarten teacher because of an old teacher of mine that made an impact on my life. I remember my old kindergarten teacher always supporting me and keeping me focused in school especially because I had a lot going on at home with my mom having cancer. My teacher made me feel welcomed and kept my mind off of what was going on at home. She made school fun and rememberable and I would like to be able to make the same impact in someone's life.

Which building is your favorite and why?

The student center is my favorite building because it is a place where students can express themselves outside the classroom.The student center allows students to take a break from academics and relax in the game room or in the seating area. The student center is also where you can get something to eat, go to the bookstore, attend events, and learn about other organizations and clubs.

What sets Bowie State University apart from other schools?

Bowie State University is different from other schools because of the history behind it. Bowie State University was founded in January 1865 and is the first Historically Black College in Maryland. Bowie State offers 22 undergraduate majors and 35 master's doctoral programs which allows students to further and better their knowledge in their desired field. Bowie State University is made up of very talented students; from DJ's, dancers, singers, cosmetologists, and more. Bowie is a place that provides opportunities for students to explore their strengths through academic and social experiences to succeed in the real world.

I'm passionate about...

Education Travel Shopping Dance

I'm involved with...

Queen In You Education Club Radiance Freshman Leadership and Solidarity Institute